Common Summertime Issues

Summertime’s here and so are the bugs.  If you are having issues with pests then be on the look out for any problems that might pop up.  This is the peek of the year for all the household pests.  Here is a list of some common pest to look for.  Please feel free to give Green Bones Pest Control a call if you are being pestered by any of these pests. Wasps are starting to form nests in the eves around houses and sheds.  Look for their paper umbrella nests on patio furniture, fences, kids play sets and barbecues. If you are a do-it-yourselfer treat wasps either early morning or at night (they are less aggressive at these times). Please Call (530) 923-0071 if you need help getting rid of these wasps. Ants are expanding their colonies and foraging more this time of year so be on the look out for ant mounds, trails of ants on sidewalks and flying ants.  Please call us before you do a self treatment.  More often than not self treatments can make it more difficult for pest professionals to perform treatments because over the counter chemicals and improper treatments can trap ants into wall voids.  

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