Cockroaches Yuba City

Green Bones Pest Control specializing in cockroaches Yuba City


Our local species includegerman cockroachoriental cockroach, vega cockroach and the american cockroach.

The most invasive cockroach in our region is the german cockroach.  They can invade homes by the thousands.  The reason why they can do this is because they have one of the quickest reproduction rates.  When environmental factors play a part you can go from 1 cockroach to a thousand in 1 year.

Other cockroaches in our area are not so invasive but they do love to occasionally visit inside our homes.

Treatment:  If we set up a treatment for you this is our guide that you need to follow to ensure we are able to perform our service properly.

         *Empty all cabinets and drawers were the cockroaches are present (kitchen and bathroom typically).  Leave  NOTHING remaining in them.  Also clear all countertops.

         *Cover removed food, dishes and appliances (Typically remove these items to untreated room and cover).

         *Remove all pets from premises (cover fish tanks and  filter during treatment if possible).

         *Vacate premises during treatment

          *Do not re-enter premises until chemical has dried (typically 4 hours).