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Fleas are every pet owners nightmare.  Every year it’s the ever losing battle.  With a little knowledge and professional services we can help to control this nuisance pest.

Environmental factors:

           Unmowed lawn – fleas can’t live in maintained lawns, they need tall grass to shade them from the sun.

          Stray animals – stray cats, possums, skunks and squirrels all carry fleas and can bring them to your front door.

          Household pets – if you have an inside outside pet then you are at a high risk to bring fleas into your home.

          Rodents – it is very common that once you start a rodent control program that fleas can become the new   problem.


            *Mow lawn and all tall grasses and weeds (day before treatment).

            *Pick EVERYTHING up off of carpet inside of home other than furniture (clothes, toys).

            *Launder all clothes, bedding and anything that the fleas may have laid there eggs on.

            *Vacuum all carpet and area rugs (empty bag or canister into outside trash).

            *Put pets on a treatment program (seek advise of your veterinarian)

            *Vacate all pets from premise (cover fish tanks and filters)

            *Vacate premises during treatment

            *Do not re-enter premise until chemical has dried (typically 4 hours)

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